The Best Ways to customize Microsoft Project Timeline

Microsoft Project is one of the most essential parts of the toolkit that is required by any project manager. Even though you want your tasks to be completed as soon as possible, but if you know the right procedure to do so and taking some time out for strategic performance can help you save resources as well as money.

Sometimes, you have such projects which need to be shifted from time to time. In this situation, you need to make strategies on how to divide time for every work that is allotted to you. For this, you can take the help of Project plan template or Project Timeline.

What is Microsoft Project (MS Project)?

It has been a long time since Microsoft Project became the Part of Microsoft. It includes all the tools that project manager require to assign tasks and resources to his employees. With this, he can easily track the progress of the project and develop plans accordingly.

Some managers also use it to manage their office budget as well as create schedules. If you are a manager and looking for effective tools that are flexible and can provide structure to your work, then you must consider Microsoft Project.

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Along with dynamic features, it has certain limitations too. Unfortunately, you can only use it on PCs and not on any other devices. Secondly, it requires a license to use but the good thing is that you can get rid of these issues if you have a licensed product.

Steps to create a Timeline in Microsoft Project

The Project doesn’t have a template for creating a Timeline and this is the reason why you need to create and enter data into it manually. Creating a Timeline in Microsoft Office is the most basic thing that needs to be done by a manager. Also, you don’t need a template to create it.

  1. The first step includes creating a Task List and for this, you need to build a list that encompasses all the required tasks. You can also put the priority task on the top or in the order they need to be completed.
  2. For this, you need to open the Microsoft Project and then click on “Blank Project”.
  3. Here, you need to type the task that needs to be done into a cell under the “Task Name”.
  4. Now you have to assign the start and finish dates to each task and for this, you need to click on the “Start” cell which is available next to the first task.
  5. After this, enter a date by clicking on the down arrow to make the calendar appear.
  6. To enter the finish date, click on the last task and enter the date as you did before.
  7. It’s time to “Add Tasks to the Timeline” and to do this, click on the “View” tab and then tap on the “Timeline” bar which is visible on top of the task list.
  8. In the end, right-click on the “task” cell and tap on “Add to Timeline” option. Now, you have to click it to add the task to the timeline.

To sum up-

You can also do other things on Microsoft Office, such as setting up resources, Assign tasks, create task dependencies, generate a cost report, track the progress of your Microsoft Project, as well as get project management flexibilities. To know more about Microsoft Project, visit the official website of

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