Some Reasons For Considering Windows 10 over Mac

For a better understanding, some features are listed below to make your vision clear about why Windows 10 is favored more than Macintosh OS.

  • Mac Hardware costs too much as compared to a PC running with Windows 10 software

It can be easily seen that Mac is way too much costlier than the PC, but many of them do justify the heftier price tag by tagging Apple products as top-notch service, higher quality hardware along with all the security benefits of Apple ecosystem. Mac hardware does come with several limitations when it comes to specifications.

In case you choose to compromise the Apple hardware with cheap Mac software, then you can’t make much modification in the operating system for gaming, as it will not support the gaming platform. So without any does, Windows 10 is seen better than the Mac OS if we compare both Mac and Windows 10 about this feature.

  • Windows 10 OS has more software to offer

There are already 50,000 apps with Windows 10 OS, whereas the Mac App Store has developed a collection under 14,000 till now. Windows store is store for tabs and a variety of apps. Whereas with Mac software, there are limited apps but the quality is not compromised. However, it is seen that the apps offered by Windows OS are user-friendly but with apps from Mac, users have to struggle a bit to install in the device and then running in the device. Windows indubitably offers more options as compared to Mac, at least it comes to big apps like music players, video players, etc.

  • Windows 10 OS offers you a greater flexibility

Windows PCs let you upgrade whatever you like be it apps or software whereas Macs do not allow you to upgrade when you need it to do. Users of Windows 10 do have the benefit of almost everything offered to them. When it comes to software up-gradation, Apple drops compatibility with the old applications faster.

Windows is almost everywhere, 98% of us grew up on PCs and using Windows daily for home or work. People are more familiar with Windows 10 software rather than the applications in the Apple device. Windows is flexible in running almost everything, from the latest game to ancient DOS payroll software which a Mac is unable to do.

  • Mac VS Windows 10 over the security concerns

There is a myth that a user with Mac doesn’t need any antivirus to protect their valuable data and device. Even Macs are not protected by the virus, malware, and other suspicious sites, so purchasing a bomb, thinking about security have no reason. Whereas, purchasing a nominal PC, with antivirus installed can be a little budget-friendly. With Windows 10, you can update your security drivers, patches and antivirus software and they can be updated easily and requires less maintenance as compared to Mac software.

  • With Windows 10, you get a better gaming experience

Official Apple hardware offers an insignificant selection of graphics cards. There are more popular games offered by Mac OS. However, if you are looking for having a bleeding-edge gaming experience you won’t get it from a Mac. You will find fewer gaming options, hardware, and tools to tune up with Mac’s gaming performance. On the other hand, many of the PC game lovers do agree with the fact that the same game, when played in Windows 10, have satisfied them with a better gaming experience altogether.

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